COVID-19 and Increased Adoption of Value-based Care

Posted by C3LX on Oct 19, 2021 10:36:48 AM

The adoption of value-based healthcare is accelerating across the country as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring to light many of the barriers to providing quality patient care in the existing fee-for-service and episodic sick care model. In Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, the writer Matt Phillion explains why providers are making the shift and what tools they need to be successful in delivering quality, value-based care.

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Digital Health Capabilities to Effectively Support Value-Based Care

Posted by C3LX on Jan 19, 2021 10:32:56 AM
There have been several well documented Covid-19 impacts on the US healthcare system. Perhaps a bit under the radar has been the increased acceleration towards value-based care models. While a big driver of this shift can be attributed to providers and health systems struggling to maintain fee-for-service revenues in a time of lock downs and lower patient visit volumes, merely changing the payment model away from 100% fee-for-service won’t alone make these models successful on delivering higher quality, affordable care. At C3LX, our mission is to support value-based care models with technology that equips care teams with the tools and patient insights necessary to be successful. A recent Harvard Business Review article touches on several digital health capabilities that health systems will need to include, and yet these examples are just a starting point. Over the next several weeks, we will dive into each of these digital health capabilities in more detail.
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The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity

Posted by C3LX on Aug 6, 2020 10:44:25 AM

“Our world is facing two pandemics right now. The acute one, Covid-19, is swift and relentless – and it’s disproportionately preying upon people affected by an even larger, more enduring pandemic: obesity.” Dr Rami Bailony

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Let’s Not Forget the Importance of Relationships Between Patients and Providers

Posted by C3LX on Mar 31, 2020 3:30:30 PM

We are continuing our conversation concerning the rapidly evolving role of digital health & primary care capacity during this period of enormous changes unfolding as a result of COVID-19. Today, we are sharing an older and particularly relevant article highlighting an important factor often lost during a crisis like this current pandemic. The oft overlooked factor is the actual relationship between the patient and the providers, how important the relationship is for improving health, especially during times like these where healthcare delivery and access is even more fragmented and transactional given the incredible surges in volume. 

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