COVID-19 and Increased Adoption of Value-based Care

Posted by C3LX on Oct 19, 2021 10:36:48 AM

The adoption of value-based healthcare is accelerating across the country as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring to light many of the barriers to providing quality patient care in the existing fee-for-service and episodic sick care model. In Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, the writer Matt Phillion explains why providers are making the shift and what tools they need to be successful in delivering quality, value-based care.

Matt Phillion begins by framing the severity of the situation for fee-for-service providers, explaining, ”Preexisting conditions became newly challenging during the pandemic, as chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension risked being untreated. Many patients fell behind on care, avoiding doctor visits and hospital stays out of concern of COVID-19 exposure—which added significant risks to those with preexisting conditions.” This was NOT the case for value-based care providers who were able to continue to provide care for their patients and promoted broad acceptance of telemedicine and remote medicine solutions, which helped them overcome many of the barriers traditional, fee-for-service providers were facing, he added.

Telemedicine may have been an acceptable stop-gap solution during the pandemic, but as time has progressed, it has failed to provide care teams with all of the information and capabilities they need to deliver remote, quality care. David Snow the chairman and CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies summarizes the technology and information gap we’re referring to saying, “Value-based care is an area full of innovation. The organizations that can create a high-value stack of analytics, with a meaningful high-touch consumer experience and end-to-end technology experience that drives great outcomes at a reasonable cost, will be the game-changers.”

This is the first post of a series where we will continue to unpack this acceleration towards value-based care and dive into why existing technology solutions aren’t meeting the needs of value-based providers, and how our flagship product, XIAhealth® is built to fill this technology gap.

Read the full article that has inspired this series, “Value-Based Healthcare: How It Expanded During COVID-19”, here: Value-Based Healthcare: How It Expanded During COVID-19 - Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

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