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Digital Health Capabilities to Effectively Support Value-Based Care: Smart Patient Registries

Posted by C3LX on Mar 11, 2021 3:09:19 PM

Most health systems and primary care practices have developed various patient lists or registries, often for specific chronic disease patient populations. Typically, these patient registries offer care teams the knowledge of which of their patients have one or more chronic conditions, the contact information to reach out to those patients, and, in some cases, provide further insights as to any standard care gaps that need to be addressed. The challenge with limiting the registry to care gap closure and outreach is that clinicians are blind in their ability to identify those patients that are really in need of an outreach or further intervention compared to those patients that are managing their condition successfully and achieving their care goals. Addressing this critical limitation was a key area of focus in creating the C3LX Patient Engagement platform, providing care teams with what we call, “Prioritized Patients”. Our platform uses several algorithms to identify prioritized patients and communicate to the care team specifically what needs to be addressed. We allow you to efficiently give every patient exactly what they need. Now that is intelligent technology! Learn more about our comprehensive smart registries and overall remote patient monitoring and engagement platform by contacting us or requesting a demo.

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Digital Health Capabilities to Effectively Support Value-Based Care: Remote Patient Monitoring

Posted by C3LX on Feb 16, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Over the last several years, more and more devices and companies have expanded the options for remote patient monitoring. Blood pressure monitoring, Bluetooth scales, fitness trackers, etc. While this proliferation of patient generated health data is encouraging, care teams are inundated with an abundance of disparate data that isn’t linked back to their patient’s care plans nor their progress towards longer term care goals. Absent of putting this data into context or into “smart” dashboards, most clinicians don’t have the time or the platform to turn this data into something meaningful. Ideally, this data is synthesized with patient care goals and chronic conditions, analyzed to identify rising risk and prioritized patients, and is actionable for care teams to know who best needs their attention. At C3LX, we have created both the platform to manage the data as well as the intellectual property to make the data relevant and actionable for both care teams and patients. We are making patient generated health data an indispensable part of the health care equation. Find out more about how we are bring patient engagement and remote patient monitoring together, request a demo here.

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Digital Health Capabilities to Effectively Support Value-Based Care: Tools for Care Managers

Posted by C3LX on Jan 26, 2021 12:02:52 PM

Care managers who support patient populations and other providers are critical for successful value-based models. Typically care managers are either a part of a diverse care team within an individual practice or they function as a centralized unit providing wrap-around support for patient populations spanning multiple practices. Unlike the workflow of the physicians within a practice that tend to focus on the patient in front of them or the schedule for the day, care managers can take a more proactive view looking ahead at patients that require more active attention and dynamic engagement.

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Digital Health Capabilities to Effectively Support Value-Based Care

Posted by C3LX on Jan 19, 2021 10:32:56 AM
There have been several well documented Covid-19 impacts on the US healthcare system. Perhaps a bit under the radar has been the increased acceleration towards value-based care models. While a big driver of this shift can be attributed to providers and health systems struggling to maintain fee-for-service revenues in a time of lock downs and lower patient visit volumes, merely changing the payment model away from 100% fee-for-service won’t alone make these models successful on delivering higher quality, affordable care. At C3LX, our mission is to support value-based care models with technology that equips care teams with the tools and patient insights necessary to be successful. A recent Harvard Business Review article touches on several digital health capabilities that health systems will need to include, and yet these examples are just a starting point. Over the next several weeks, we will dive into each of these digital health capabilities in more detail.
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2021 - Here we come!

Posted by C3LX on Dec 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM


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Thanksgiving 2020

Posted by C3LX on Nov 25, 2020 1:24:21 PM

This year has been filled with small yet poignant personal and professional moments of peace and joy amidst a dark and difficult backdrop. At home, Angela and I were forced to slow down with our family. We played more board games, watched the great movies from past and present (I’d be glad to share the list!), completed puzzles, ate “social distanced” meals together with my aging parents, and found laughter that buoyed our spirits during those tough days. We discovered the catharsis of an expletive filled rant or the simple painful expression of our fears and vulnerabilities. We rediscovered simplicity and a slower pace. Even as we grieve all that was lost around us, I am thankful for those roses. I am most thankful for that unexpected time together!

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Digital Engagement is Here to Stay - Embracing Patient-Centric Technology

Posted by C3LX on Sep 17, 2020 10:15:47 AM

The use of telehealth rapidly increased during the spring as it gave patients a needed way to connect with their physician and reimbursement restrictions were lifted. During this time of a rapid increase in adoption, patients as consumers expect more from their digital tools and compare their experiences to offerings from other industries. Notably, as we head into fall, already the usage of telehealth offerings is declining as physician practices open back up and patients feel safer to return to in-person visits. 

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Key Attributes of the Health Engagement Platform

Posted by C3LX on Sep 2, 2020 3:33:21 PM
Taking patient “engagement” beyond the patient portal.
  • Scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions and looking up lab results are important, but true engagement comes first in understanding unique patient needs, wants, motivations and barriers to achieving care goals and the lifestyle changes needed to be successful; and then in supporting patients along the journey to achieving those goals.
Algorithms to form a patient’s “master plan”.
  • Patients rarely have just one, clear, manageable issue. A smart platform would take in a variety of inputs and combine appropriate algorithms for treating a patient’s asthma, arthritis, depression, and weight reduction without the clinician having to synthesize these disparate data points on their own.
Support multiple care team models.
  • Each care team member is able to see both the patient’s master plan and the relevant data and prioritization that is specific to their role and scope of practice. With the growing dynamic of team-based care, each member has a personalized dynamic dashboard to work in.
The ability to traverse care settings and geographies.
  • The master plan and supportive tools need to travel seamlessly with the patient, whether they are at home with devices tracking their activity, sleep, and blood pressure; or on the road for work or play, even when seeing a specialist. The primary care team then needs the relevant data and information to come back to them through the platform in meaningful and actionable ways.
Decision support and workflow logic.
  • The platform must remind care team members and patients of upcoming and overdue activities, suggest changes in the master plan when patient conditions and care needs change, and route messages to the appropriate care team member regarding new test results, data trends negatively, or when patient health goals aren’t on track or being met. All of these long before an adverse event occurs.

At scale, the Health Engagement Platform facilitates the thousands of master plans seamlessly, undergirds a myriad of patient/provider workflows, simultaneously traverses multiple care settings, and supports hundreds of thousands of highly personalized provider decisions; so that a population can be proactively managed as never before. This is the future of healthcare technology!

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Transform your EHR with the Health Engagement Platform

Posted by C3LX on Aug 27, 2020 10:56:14 AM

Patients hardly ever have just one clear, manageable issue. Even more importantly, people are multi-faceted, complex, and cannot be broken down to the presence or absence of a chronic condition. The Health Engagement Platform allows care teams to work with their patients to create a master plan that addresses all facets of their health journey; from treating a patient's asthma, arthritis, depression and weight reduction, while also understanding the intrinsic motivations and potential barriers affecting the necessary behavioral changes.

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The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity

Posted by C3LX on Aug 6, 2020 10:44:25 AM

“Our world is facing two pandemics right now. The acute one, Covid-19, is swift and relentless – and it’s disproportionately preying upon people affected by an even larger, more enduring pandemic: obesity.” Dr Rami Bailony

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