Thanksgiving 2020

Posted by C3LX on Nov 25, 2020 1:24:21 PM

This year has been filled with small yet poignant personal and professional moments of peace and joy amidst a dark and difficult backdrop. At home, Angela and I were forced to slow down with our family. We played more board games, watched the great movies from past and present (I’d be glad to share the list!), completed puzzles, ate “social distanced” meals together with my aging parents, and found laughter that buoyed our spirits during those tough days. We discovered the catharsis of an expletive filled rant or the simple painful expression of our fears and vulnerabilities. We rediscovered simplicity and a slower pace. Even as we grieve all that was lost around us, I am thankful for those roses. I am most thankful for that unexpected time together!

With C3LX, we figured out how to stay creatively connected through virtual Happy Hours filled with friendly competitions. We advanced our platform significantly, formed new powerful partnerships, & launched our product in the EU in the midst of global chaos and shutdown. Each month, the money we needed came in at the 11th hour (11:59 to be precise) and we survived even thrived. We welcomed two new employees and a healthy baby boy to our C3LX family. We recognized our desire to see and connect with one another in person and the value of our workspace. And, like my family, we discovered the catharsis of the rant and the power in authentic vulnerability. I have so much gratitude for our team and these roses.

During this Thanksgiving Holiday, I encourage each of you to hold your loved ones a little tighter, even if it is virtual, distanced, or while wearing a mask. Grieve the loss and offer gratitude for the roses. Offer up the rant and move to vulnerability. Here at C3LX, we are grateful to each of you, the relationships we have, the values we share, and the community effort we undertake to reshape healthcare.

To each of you, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Andrew Richburg

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