Technology Value-Based Care Providers Need, Part 3: “End-to-end technology experience that drives great outcomes at a reasonable cost”

Posted by C3LX on Jan 19, 2022 10:28:41 AM

This week we wrap up our series (read the other posts here!) unpacking a quote from an article in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare where David Snow the chairman and CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies summarizes the technology and information gaps for value-based care providers saying, “Value-based care is an area full of innovation. The organizations that can create a high-value stack of analytics, with a meaningful high-touch consumer experience and end-to-end technology experience that drives great outcomes at a reasonable cost, will be the game-changers.”

Let’s dive into our interpretation of what David Snow means by creating an “end-to-end technology experience that drives great outcomes at a reasonable cost” and better understand where the gaps lie in the existing technology toolset. We will address the disparate tools that create pain for both patients and providers, how technology should drive proactive care and positive outcomes, and how pricing needs to operate to make the solutions feasible.

What kind of tools will a provider operating in a value-based care model need to be successful? The disparate tools include the EMR, a Communication Platform, Patient Engagement, Billing & Practice Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Data & Analytics…..the list goes on! Imagine the inefficiencies for care teams that come with needing to log into these disparate tools - the siloed, disconnected, and un-utilized data, the segregated communication & duplicate information. Imagine alternatively, a tool that is comprehensive; a one-stop-shop, fully integrated, and designed from the users' perspective. In value-based care, where being able to effectively & efficiently care for a large patient population at scale is key, a comprehensive fully integrated toolset is the only way. Additionally, think about the confusion for patients as they attempt to engage in their health and healthcare. Where do I log in? I log in to three or four systems and none of them are integrated. What’s the point? What's my password?

Confusion of separate tools aside, there is a huge opportunity to actually utilize technology to assist in meaningful outcomes that are being completely missed. Technology, built on a foundation of research and psychology can help with behavior change, use intelligent algorithms to identify patients who need outreach, and allow providers to provide proactive care to get ahead of chronicity in their panel. None of this value can be utilized if patients are stuck in the confusion of multiple, disparate tools, and providers have mismatched data sets.

On a separate, but crucial note, let’s talk about what a “reasonable cost” is. For value-based care providers, paying on a per-member basis won’t cut it. At C3LX, we want our clients to be able to expand their panels, invite all of their patients to use XIAhealth®, and ultimately grow their practice without worrying about an additional per member cost for our product. In full transparency, we charge a monthly rate of at most $350 / per month per care team in support of your mission in providing proactive care and achieving positive outcomes for your panel. Do you work for a large practice? Contact us for specialized enterprise pricing.

At C3LX, we tackle these issues head-on and have developed a patient-centric, continuous care platform called XIAhealth® that integrates directly to your EMR, connects care teams and patients directly, and is built upon a superstructure to deliver personalized behavior change. This allows care teams to see their patient's progress and walk alongside them throughout their health journey, not just when they get sick or come into the clinic, leading to true improved health outcomes, and to do so at scale. In fact, 65% of patients on XIAhealth® achieve their short and long-term health goals and care teams can increase their panel sizes by up to 100%. Larger panels and better care! Are you ready to transform your patient care for your value-based practice? Contact us today to schedule a live demo or visit our website: Patient Engagement Platform - C3LX.

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Read the full article that has inspired this series, “Value-Based Healthcare: How It Expanded During COVID-19”, here: Value-Based Healthcare: How It Expanded During COVID-19 - Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

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