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Posted by C3LX on Dec 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Improving patient engagement through behavioral design

Have you ever heard of Dr. BJ Fogg’s behavior model? This article “Improving patient engagement through behavioral design” by Russell Olsen, VP of Innovation and Product Management at WebPT, does a great job tying the importance of utilizing Dr. Fogg’s model to improve patient engagement. At C3LX, we whole-heartedly agree with Olsen’s observation that, “When a desired behavior isn’t occurring, your best recourse is to first focus on making the process easier rather than incentivizing patients (or potential patients) with offers that may increase motivation.” C3LX’s Xia Health platform has been designed by UX specialists and tested by usability experts (actual patients!) to help providers improve patient engagement by making behavior change for patients as easy as possible! As Olsen summarizes, “When patients are more engaged, they’re more likely to schedule additional visits, achieve better outcomes, and become raving fans of your practice.”

Healthcare consumers are seeking clear communications, tech-enabled access to care

By Dave Muoio via MobiHealthNews, November 6, 2019

Check out an interesting study looking at what healthcare consumers expect from their healthcare experience. Personalization. Mobile apps for health coaching. Live chats with live health coaches! At C3LX, we couldn't agree more. The current healthcare experience so often feels disconnected from an individual's personal needs and what matters most to them. We have built a platform on the foundation of personalized care by equipping providers (often health coaches) with unique insights into the hearts and minds of their patients using our unique Psychographic Segmentation model. Learn more here: 

By Nathan Eddy via HealthcareITNews, November 01, 2019

Above is a link to a great study showing how wearable health devices provide data that more effectively predicts mortality risk compared to traditional patient health surveys. While this study was just for activity, C3LX is a firm believer in the power of many kinds of patient generated health data (weight, sleep, meals, activity, etc.) as tools for both the patient and their care team to use in earlier identification and intervention towards improving health outcomes. Yet, just capturing the vast amount of patient generated health data and dumping it on providers is not nearly as effective as summarizing that data into meaningful and actionable information. Our platform, Xia Health, has done just this by creating a first-of-its-kind Patient Engagement Index Score® allowing providers to quickly determine patients to outreach to, bring into the office, or just offer an encouraging, “Well done, keep hitting your goals!”. We are excited to see where this rapid growth in wearable tech will continue to evolve.

New Research Reveals Updated Patient Preferences on Digital Health Technology

Press Release via ResMed, October 18, 2019

In a healthcare preferences survey conducted by Edelman Intelligence of over 3,000 Americans distributed across the U.S. and comprising 4 different generations, results were revealed in favor of technology to improve people’s healthcare experience. Among other things, the survey found that people want technology to play a larger role in their actual care and treatment. What the research also revealed was that although people recognize tech’s ability to track fitness and manage personal healthcare, they struggle to see the value of how it impacts treatment. That’s where C3LX comes in. Our goal is to connect patients to their providers in a meaningful way that leads to positive health outcomes with the aid of technology. 

Are fitness trackers the future of healthcare?

Are fitness trackers the future of healthcare? At C3LX, we think fitness trackers can provide enormous value to patients and care teams, but as this article by Becca Caddy point out, “The technology is only half of the equation. There are many who believe that for these wearables to truly change the way we treat and diagnose health issues in the future, we need to improve the way data is interpreted and then shared with healthcare professionals as well.” For our platform, Xia Health, this concept is foundational. Our founder, Andrew Richburg, has brought his experience as a Healthcare executive to the table since the inception of Xia. With a strong, clinically focused concept as the building block, Xia has gone through extensive user testing with physicians and health coaches, to get to the root of how data from health trackers can be presented in a way that can be used effectively in a clinical environment. Read on above to hear testimonials about the possibility of the lives that could be saved with this data in the future!

How can XIAhealth® transform remote medicine for your value-based practice?

  • Increase adherence to care plans
  • Receive more actionable patient data
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
  • Raise retention rates
  • Prove the effectiveness of care
  • Generate cost savings 
  • Boost the bottom line
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