It's Time for a New Kind of Electronic Health Record

Posted by C3LX on Jun 18, 2020 9:33:44 AM

The C3LX platform empowers your practice to deliver exceptional longitudinal care, as well as episodic remote or virtual care. We enable your team to deliver unparalleled service and health outcomes to the people you serve.

At C3LX, we are passionate about personalizing healthcare by empowering patients. Through the use of technology, a deep understanding of patient types, & design thinking, we connect & reconnect patients and care teams in meaningful ways. According to the Harvard Business Review, it's time for a new kind of EHR, one that supports value-based care and proactive management of health. That's where C3LX comes in. We have created a platform designed exactly for this, that caters to individual patient needs, takes chronic conditions into account, provides care team support directly to patients, keeping them informed. To improve patients' quality of care, the platform integrates with existing technology while also allowing them to take charge of their health and be involved in the process of setting, working toward, and achieving health goals. With our platform, physicians can quickly analyze patient generated health data and track their health progress, ultimately making both the patients' and physicians' lives easier, more productive, and healthier. 

How can XIAhealth® transform remote medicine for your value-based practice?

  • Increase adherence to care plans
  • Receive more actionable patient data
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
  • Raise retention rates
  • Prove the effectiveness of care
  • Generate cost savings 
  • Boost the bottom line
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