How is Coronavirus Affecting Chronic Disease Management Care?

Posted by C3LX on May 7, 2020 4:40:55 PM

In this rapidly changing time, we are starting to see more attention placed on making sure those individuals with chronic conditions or rising risk don’t fall through the cracks in terms of ongoing chronic disease management and treatment adherence.  Telemedicine options have definitely provided some alternatives for patients who would have normally seen their physician in person for ongoing care check-ins, but according to some recent patient survey data in the article below, telemedicine isn’t able to entirely account for this new-found gap in care.  Patients and physicians alike are looking for technologies that blend remote patient monitoring, adherence to care plans and communication tools into one platform, all while bringing these disparate data points together into digestible and meaningful information.  Take a look at the article and share your thoughts with us!


How can XIAhealth® transform remote medicine for your value-based practice?

  • Increase adherence to care plans
  • Receive more actionable patient data
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
  • Raise retention rates
  • Prove the effectiveness of care
  • Generate cost savings 
  • Boost the bottom line
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