Expansion of Digital Health Offerings During COVID-19 and Beyond

Posted by C3LX on Mar 26, 2020 10:32:05 AM

In these tense times, Digital Health and Telehealth services can be an integral piece of the puzzle towards keeping people safe and maintaining social distance while allowing patients access to the medical resources they need and giving care providers actionable information about their patients. More and more states are clearing barriers to access for these services as a viable resource for patients in need.  We at C3LX support the much needed expansion of Digital Health offerings, and we also believe that these technology solutions need to support continuity of care and patient-provider relationships, not merely transactions where care goals, underlying conditions and pre-existing conditions have to be repeated each time.


Successful Digital Health solutions have capabilities that quickly identify patients who require immediate physician attention, physician attention in a proactive preventative manner or simply allowing a physician to easily track their patient’s progress help make the physician’s time efficient and effective.


Please check out the article below to further learn about some key points related to this burgeoning service.





How can XIAhealth® transform remote medicine for your value-based practice?

  • Increase adherence to care plans
  • Receive more actionable patient data
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
  • Raise retention rates
  • Prove the effectiveness of care
  • Generate cost savings 
  • Boost the bottom line
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