Direct Primary Care - Too Good to Be True?

Posted by C3LX on Sep 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Can Direct Primary Care actually eliminate the headaches of insurance while also providing quality care to patients? 

Have you heard about the healthcare model referred to as "Direct Primary Care" (DPC)?  DPC ensures that patients receive the primary medical care they need without billing insurance. If this sounds unbelievable, let’s take a moment to examine the facts: 

As the health insurance landscape continues to change and adjust to the ACA, primary care physicians are often left scrambling to maintain the personal foundation of their practice while also meeting the requirements of insurance companies, hospitals and Medicare. The time is ripe for innovation within this industry, which is why the concept of DPC was formed. 

According to a 2017 Forbes article: “Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a practical solution that supplants the craziness in the current debate and, in a simple way, provides a clear path for patients to beat all the rhetoric with something valuable, practical, coherent and concrete – the physician-patient relationship. To put it simply – it aligns the incentives of physicians and patients to 1) take care of the patient and 2) fund that care.”

While DPC is not insurance and doesn’t fit the needs of every patient, employer, or practice, it’s attractive in many ways: no third-party interests, affordable costs, and overall healthier patients. Take the time to look into DPC, consider whether it might benefit you or your practice, and contact us if you’d like to know how this might fit in your overall patient engagement strategy.

How can XIAhealth® transform remote medicine for your value-based practice?

  • Increase adherence to care plans
  • Receive more actionable patient data
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
  • Raise retention rates
  • Prove the effectiveness of care
  • Generate cost savings 
  • Boost the bottom line
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